As a purpose-driven organization since we began, it fills us with joy to share with you what we believe in, what inspires us daily, what we’ve been doing for over a decade and more importantly, why we’ve been doing it.

We hope the things that guide us, drives you to learn more about how together, we can make significant change. After all, for us, it’s never been about the chocolate.

Our promise to customers

That every bag of chocolate and cocoa will always represent an improvement in someone's life.

Our Achievement

Our symbiotic partnership with our growers is the most valuable ingredient that makes our quality and purity unsurpassed.

Our warranty

If you know the history, challenges and achievements of our regions, our chocolates and cocoa will taste even better.

Our Aspiration

See our chocolates and cocoa as an invitation to learn more about what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Our vision

That our chocolates and cocoa never originate from unilateral negotiations.

Our Mission

While you savor our delicious chocolates and cocoa, don't forget that it's never been about chocolate.

A unique flavor

As each chocolate softens on your palate, know that you will enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and natural acidity; a happy marriage due only to our minimal intervention and relentless focus on the natural and pure.

Our world
on a tour

Our chocolates strive to highlight the aromas of our unique regions that even some Colombians may not know much about.​

Our objective took us to hunt distant regions; It allowed us to find cocoa that few knew existed. Today, we strive to preserve the traditional traditions of cocoa cultivation.

VirginiedeReynal-8130 copia

We learn daily from the people of these communities while our equitable partnerships they get stronger.

As a result, we can show the world that delicious chocolates and cocoa don't have to emerge from partisan, one-sided "partnerships."

This harmonious synergy enriches not only quality and taste, but also your happiness and well-being.

Seeing these communities flourish gives us hope that life can really be peaceful.

That's why all of us feel, and we hope you agree, that it's never been about chocolate.

A secret for the palate

Our chocolates strive to highlight the aromas of our unique regions that even some Colombians may not know much about.

Simply Fantastic!​