The impact of our communities

Understand that while the challenges are many, everyone at Cacao Hunters believes that what they have learned from these irreplaceable communities is immensely inspiring and unlike anything they have learned before: like their willingness to make cacao farming an integral part of their lives again, their desire to continually explore how they can do things better. and their dedication to ensuring that more members of their communities live better lives.

Just fantastic!

Our farmer partners now earn almost 75% more from their cocoa harvests.

In Sierra Nevada, 9/10 farmers have improved their quality of life.

Our purchases above regulatory market prices have contributed to improving the quality of life of the cocoa growing communities with which we work.

The perfect crunch of our chocolates is directly due to the fact that they do not contain synthetics, preservatives or chemicals.

We proudly say that so far, more than 80% of producers feel that Cacao Hunters is more reliable.

Try and get to know our chocolates

Fall in love with our country with its unique flavor.

There is something you may not know: the higher the percentage of natural cocoa in our chocolates, the longer the notes of fruits, nuts and spices will last in the mouth.

So far, 75% of our growers believe that

Cacao Hunters have improved their lives

Are you curious about how we achieve the high quality of our chocolates?

It is the direct result of our natural tempering process, focused on achieving optimal amounts of natural oils.