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Fall in love with our country with its unique flavor.

Discover how a small group of passionate Colombian entrepreneurs, whose love for their country has shaped much of what guides them, decided that the more than 2,000-year-old native cocoa, for the most part, part unexplored and abandoned, could be the national treasure that improves the lives of many who live in the remote conflict-damaged regions of this country of great biodiversity.

No matter how much we’ve done in the past 10 years to better their lives, what we’ve learned from them has been far more rewarding; for how they view life, how they work together, how they face challenges, and how they envision tomorrow has truly been of inestimable value.

After every bite, close your eyes and focus on how your senses will process our scents; for they will introduce you to that region’s unique flavor; a flavor you may have never savored before.


While we are humbled and immensely grateful for all the international awards and praises of our flavors and tastes, we feel Our Guarantee will elevate everything even more. We hope you will agree!.

Last month, along with about 27 families and our team of 4 agronomists, we discussed afield how to combat & avoid damaging funguses like monilia, how to best plant for crop maximization, and how to prune correctly. Next week, we will be doing the same with 55 more families.

What is inspiring to us is knowing our upper-quality cacao beans are coming from conflict-ridden regions even many of our fellow Colombians don’t know about. As we strive to help the communities in these areas, we are also trying to bring awareness of their challenges to all Colombia.

Our team is now working with over 400 families in our new region of Cauca! The proactivity and knowledge of the community in this extraordinary region has driven so much change in such a short time!

We are delighted with the latest technology in our new facility! Yet, what we are most proud of is the focus we’re using to blend that technology with irreplaceable, human intangibles helping us deliver the sublime line of authentic, artisanal chocolates and cacao.

As you may know, we are guided by the idea of terroir, and only terroir, leading all aspects of our taste. That is why we use no additives, chemicals, or synthetics. Have you ever tried what 100%, truly pure chocolate tastes like?

Fine, high-quality chocolate

The reason each chocolate bar is so pure and natural is not only because we value this characteristic, it is also because we don't know how to make them any other way.