At cacao hunters we help create a country

We create strategies for the improvement, care and permanence of cocoa-growing families and their cocoa crops, in addition to the creation of efficient commercial and agricultural models in all our regions.We seek to achieve organized systems that guarantee profitable income thanks to the most exclusive cocoa and Of the highest quality.

All our actions seek a triple impact

1. Social impact

Create pride in the cocoa trade, ensuring the care and permanence of local crops.

2. Economic impact

Generate decent income through the sale of a better product thanks to good planting and post-harvest processes.

3. Environmental impact

Encourage the implementation of productive systems under the criteria of regenerative agriculture.

How do we do it?

1. School Estate

Education with technical emphasis on traditional farm models and business models for entrepreneurship.

2. Technical assistance

Focused on productivity Initiatives that guarantee that current and next generations see profitability in their farms and in the cocoa business model.

3. Applied innovation

Share with our associated family farms the best and new harvest and post-harvest practices.

School Farm

The “Finca Escuela”, more than a place, is the strategy to learn from the territory and teach and share our knowledge.

One of our goals, to achieve the permanence of young people in the region through of the development of enterprises of agricultural services for cocoa.

We teach producers what is necessary to achieve knowledge and expertise about the production of special cocoa, closing the existing knowledge gaps.

Our pedagogies are aligned with the reading of the territory, adapting to the particularities in which the community interacts and learns from its environment.

The “Finca Escuela” also makes us students, the communities have practices and knowledge specific ones that we can learn from and replicate.

Each School create a planting model consistent with the region's planting systems and infrastructure physics for the training of our audiences.

Technical assistance focused on productivity

Acciones para mejorar los procesos de cosecha y poscosecha para lograr mejores granos de cacao y fincas más sostenibles.

We accompany the producing families with an expert extensionist to share the knowledge that we generate collectively to be applied on their farms.

Currently in Colombia,cocoa productivity per hectare is very low, but it improves substantially, if has the appropriate genetics and good planting practices.

We seek to ensure that each farm applies innovative methods for disposal and < /span>reuse of organic waste.

Beneficiary families are provided:

    • Technical extension.
    • Agricultural services necessary for your farms to be productive.
  • Guarantee of purchasing cocoa at high and stable prices.

Applied innovation

We want to generate added value in cocoas, through new and better knowledge applied in the territory.

We want to discover new opportunities and uses that generate greater value and better income for cocoa-producing families.
Our technical staff assists several families on their plots and one of these farms will serve as a model for good practices for other producers.
In our Cocoa Laboratory in Popayán, Cauca, we explore various applications and uses for cocoa. With this laboratory we want to achieve:
  • Explore other uses for cocoa mucilage and other components of the fruit.
  • Increase the production and purchase of special cocoa.
  • Close drying and fermentation gaps.
  • Create micro-benefit centers in the territory to connect producers with innovation processes.

We want to continue growing in Colombia and we dream of 3 schools in:

Sierra Nevada



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